Paper Piecing

Joining the #iwishyouamerryquiltalong was a good decision on my part.
This second block has prompted me to learn how to paper piece.
I am truly directionally challenged.
Backward, forward, turn, crease, fold…yikes!
I learn with visuals, and I studied many tutorials.
April Adams  sent me some links that helped me.
Abbie, from Sparkle On, also sent me some  helpful links and words of encouragement.
The piecing seemed simple enough, but it took me making two or three of the blocks before I got the hang of it.

Now, I am trying to decide what fabric to use for the other blocks.

Gold and White Snowflakes or Christmas Plaid

Any input is welcomed . 

This will have to wait until Friday.
Tomorrow is a traveling day.

Museum Day

Today, I took a break from sewing and spent the day with my buddies.
I had told my friend’s husband, Dave, that I of course expected another poem.
He did not disappoint.
Marti handed this to me as I got into the car:

We lunched at Schilo’s, a great deli that has been in San Antonio since 1917.
Nothing like an iced mug of root beer on a hot, August day.

We headed out to the Briscoe Museum of Art. This museum is housed in what once was the first public library in San Antonio. This building has very special memories for me. I attended an elementary school that was downtown. After school, I would walk to the library and spend a couple of hours there as I awaited my mom to get off work.
I LOVED this library. It has been ages since I have been in this building, and it felt so good to see what the city has done to preserve it.

This bronze statue is amazing.

The detail in this pink marble is something to see.

I love this Texas fiddler with his dogs.

Gorgeous Sarape

Beautiful Ceiling


My favorite! A donkey’s back-side.

Craft Day

What a great way to spend a Monday!
My granddaughter, daughter-in-law and I had a very successful craft day.
We started by exploring the contents of her new sewing basket.

There is nothing more fascinating than a retractable sewing, measuring tape!
Then we reviewed the contents of her new book.

She and her mom picked out projects they would like to do at a later date.
I started two different projects for them and explained the process.

My granddaughter did a great job on her first cross stitching.
She was very proud of herself.


After I made the dinosaur pillowcases for my grandson, I looked online to see what else I could find to make.
I found these free printable dinosaur cards  that I used for making a matching game.
Then I made a drawstring bag to hold the cards.

Drawstring Bag and Matching Game Cards

There was a free printout for making a book. I made a dinosaur emergent reading book for my grandson to start reading basic color words and popcorn words.

Emergent Reading and Color Book

My intention was to use a quilted book cover that I made from the pillowcase remnants.
Instead, I left the cover separate.
I made it like a postcard.
It might be easier to color and read without the cover attached.
He can hang the card up on his wall or place it on his shelf.

After I packaged these items to mail to my grandson, I thought of the online site,
Can Teach Poems.
I used this site when I was teaching.
Poems and songs are great tools for teaching reading.
Since I had already sealed the package, I emailed the site link to my son.

It has been a Dinosaur kind of day.
Tomorrow is Craft Day with my granddaughter and daughter-in-law.


Brack Pack Poet Laureate

My friend’s husband puts up with our frequent visits to their home to work on our quilt project and other crafts.
We once had their kitchen covered with seeds and honey when we made bird feeder ornaments for
He often kids us about our real intention is to meet for lunch, and not work on a quilt or craft project.
Yesterday, we totally side-stepped the craft projects and met for lunch.
Dave wrote this poem for us.

Great Day

Twenty-nine of my forty-two years of teaching were in my neighborhood public school.
The faculty and staff were more like family, than just friends.
Most of us are the original teachers who opened the school
Every month, the Silver Foxes meet for lunch.

Out of this large group of retirees, there are three special buddies with whom I meet regularly.
We go on birding excursions, weekly walks (in cool weather months), have Craft Project Days, participate in city events, and volunteer at schools.
Over the summer, the four of us went in different directions, due to Grammy Duty, vacations, etc.
Today was the first time, since June, that I was able to meet with these three fun and crazy ladies.
Marti is the event planner for our group, and she handed us an itinerary for September and October.
Lots of fun ahead.

After a great lunch of catching up and planning ahead, I went shopping for my granddaughter.
We have scheduled a Mom, Morgan, and Grammy Craft Day for this Monday.
She has shown such an interest in sewing, and she and I have had craft days in the past.
This is the first time we are including her mom.

In June, I was amazed at the way my granddaughter quilted a pillow for her dad.
She managed the foot pedal and guiding the fabric all on her own.
I think it is about time I start a sewing basket for her.
Last year, I purchased Stitching Handbook for Kids.
I hadn’t given it to her because I wasn’t sure she was ready.

This book starts on a basic level that I think she can handle.
I like the way the skills are scaffold. She can develop her skills as she grows.

There are a few basic products from which she can choose to do on Monday.
The basic cross stitching kitchen towel project is something we can start and she can continue to work on her own later.
I also purchased some book mark cross stitching fabric. I will design some simple cross stitching patterns for her.

Starter Sewing Basket

She loves sorting and working with the button jars I have, so I filled some containers with buttons of her own.
I am so looking forward to Monday.

So Worth It


Binding is still not my favorite thing to do, but it is done.
The inspiration for the Wild About Texas quilt came from looking at wildflower photographs taken by Richard Reynolds.
I told my friend, Nancy Reynolds, that I wanted to make a quilt to showcase these photographs.
Nancy steered me to the Moda Wildflower viii fabric collection.
Richard printed out the photos for me.
Thank you, Richard and Nancy.

I started this Wild About Texas Quilt on April 1.
I finished piecing the quilt on April 3.
My friend, Jeana Kubik and I consulted designs for the long arm.
Jeana did a beautiful job.
Thank you, Jeana.
She encouraged me to include this quilt as one of three entries in the Greater San Antonio Guild Quilt Show.
Finishing a project is such a good feeling.
It was so worth taking the time to do  it slowly, instead of rushing through it.

After I finished working on the quilt, I accompanied my husband to Wal-Mart. As we entered the store, he told me he would meet me in the fabric area when he found what he needed. I guess he knows me well.
I found some more fabric for the #iwishyouamerryquiltalong.

I also saw this bundle that put me in a fall state-of-mind. I thought I could use it to make a fall tote or something.

The other day, when I was with my sister, she reminded me that I had promised her a mug rug.
She reminded me that she wanted polka-dot.
Black and white polka-dot, to be exact.
So, I saw these and added them to my basket.

These fabric purchases are my reward for finishing the binding. 

Quilt Label

Today, I finally completed the quilt label for the Wild About Texas quilt.
The embroidery was a bit off, and I tried my best to center it.
I used a lighter fusible interfacing for the applique and it sat a bit smoother.

Before pressing and top-stitching

Appliqued on bottom right corner

Thanks again, to Allison from New Every Morning Patchwork & Quilting for her suggestions.
The Black Gold Sharp needles and the Thread Heaven arrived today.
These products have made the whole applique and binding process so much easier.
I completed binding the corners and attaching the bottom of the quilt sleeve hanger.
In the past, I always rushed through the binding.
This left me with sore fingers and a not so pretty stitching.
Taking my time on this one, and so far, I am pleased with the way it is turning out.