Dinosaur Floor Pillow

The Dinosaur

The dinosaur
A beast of yore
Doesn’t live here

Carl Junge

But there will be dinosaurs taking residence at my grandson’s home, since I made a dinosaur floor pillow for him to drag around.
It is bigger than I planned, since I really didn’t plan ahead.
The largest ready-made pillow insert I found was 30″ x 30″.
So, I had to custom-make my own pillow insert.

I made dinosaur templates for my appliques.
I free-cut some trees, clouds and rocks for background scenery.
The blocks are 12″x 12″.
The edge blocks on the middle row are supposed to be dinosaur feet, but they look more like plants.
Today, as I was putting it together, I kept texting my friend, Nancy ,with questions and guidance.
Thanks, Nancy, for not complaining. 




Bright and Happy Quilt

For it is in giving that we receive.
Francis of Assisi

For the last thirteen years of my mother’s life, we were fortunate to have a very special woman who took care of my mom during the week days. Every time we saw Mrs. O, there was a smile on her face.

A few months ago, I ran across a stack of 2.5 ” squares I had cut from the remnants of the quilt I had made for my mother.
I decided to make a quilt for Mrs. O, using these squares and other pieces I had in my stash.
There was enough white to make more squares, so I made an Irish Chain style quilt.
I also had some teal and some yellow fabrics to use for the borders.
The orange fabric was purchased for the backing.

The quilt came out so “bright and happy”…very suitable to Mrs. O’s character.
Today, I went to deliver the quilt.
To my surprise, Ramon, a super nice man who took care of my mom’s yard, was at Mrs. O’s house today.
As usual, he was providing help to others in need, by taking care of Mrs. O’s yard.
The three of us had a very special visit.
I took my Tribute to Tonie quilt for them to see.
We shared some Tonie stories as we talked about each block.
Then, I gave Mrs. O a bag with her quilt, and told her to read the label.
She was totally surprised.
It was a very good morning.

Tribute to Tonie Quilt

Front of Happy Quilt for Mrs. O


Today, I received way more than I gave.

Sunday’s Child

For the last few weeks, I have been reading about the history of quilts.
I am at a point where I do not know what I want to do next when it comes to quilting.
So, I am dabbling and trying different things.
A little bit of improvisation, a bit of artistic, folk art, a bit of embroidery and hand-stitching…and on and on.
All of the quilts I have made have been specific to family members; things they like, and bits of their story.
I had free cut some strips and decided to make it a block to tell about one of my grandchildren.
He was born on a stormy Sunday in October.
I thought of the poem: Sunday’s Child is Happy and Wise.
My embroidery is just basic.
I have been studying Sue Spargo, but I am still a novice at this.

I also added a heart made from a piece of my dad’s plaid shirts.
I was thinking of embroidering my grandson’s initials on the heart and writing the date of his birth on the left bottom corner.
Like I said, I do not know where I am going with this.
I am just trying out different things.

Special Sunday

Today was spent celebrating my granddaughter’s success at school.
She received an award for being the star student of the month, and she has a yard letting everyone know that she is a very special girl.
We took her out to eat and we heard all about how great school is…Proud Grammy!

When I returned home, I started pulling out fabric to see where it would lead me.
I pulled fabric of different texture, and I cut without rulers.
I did use a template to make the state of Texas.
I am thinking this will be a project for practicing different techniques, including embroidery and hand stitching.  I will call this my “Anything Goes” project.

I plan to embroider this somehow.

Holding On and Letting Go

Yesterday, I read Tierney’s (from Tierney Creates) post about “holding on and letting go”.
It made me think of the box in my closet that had the last of my seasonal shirts I used when I taught.
When I was teaching, I had enough seasonal T-shirts that I did not have to repeat.
My friends and family always kidded me about wearing these shirts.
I would wear anything to keep the kids paying attention and having fun.
It has been three years since I retired.
Last year, I was wearing this scarecrow shirt while grocery shopping.
All of a sudden, I felt self-conscious.
So, I packed up most of the shirts and donated  of them.
I kept a few, because, I just could not let go of the fun memories.

Well, today, I thought it was time to let go.
As I was throwing the shirts into a bag, I had a crazy thought.
I had never been interested in making anything using T-shirts as the fabric.
Three years ago, when I first started quilting, I had purchased some 820 Quilting Grids fusible interfacing. I never used it, and today, somehow, I managed to find it.
The interfacing was perfect for supporting the T-shirt fabric and making a pillow.
The sleeve of the shirt had some embellishments, so I made squares to use for the corners.
I did not take a picture of the shirt before I cut it.

So now, instead of having an ugly, Teacher T-shirt, I have an ugly pillow with lots of memories.
I sort of let go, because I am no longer wearing the shirt…
But, I guess I am still holding on…

Go With the Flow

Definition of instinct 
1a natural or inherent aptitude, impulse, or capacity

When choosing fabric for a project, I sometimes think and rethink the matter.
Then, I usually end up not being satisfied with the final choice, and find myself returning to my first impulse choice.
Every time I passed my design wall, my eye ran directly to Block 8, the two gifts.
Not only did the green border bother me, but also, the fact that edge of one of the gifts was at the wrong angle, just didn’t sit well with me.
I could live with the ribbon segments being a bit off, but not the gift edge.
The dark solid green is pretty, and it will be used on another block, I am sure.
But it just did not suit Block 8.
Should I start over or try to redo the red and green gifts?
I decided to try to salvage the red and green gifts and I ripped the green background pieces.
I pulled out my Christmas fabric, and went back to my first choice for the background fabric.
The beige and gold fabric, with red and green holly, was the fabric that I had originally planned to use.
After I ripped the gifts and added the new fabric edges, I had to make minor adjustments to the size of the gifts.
In order to get a 12.5″ block, I added a bit of a border on the sides, and a fourth more to each of the  top and bottom border.
Next time I choose fabric, I will go with my instinct and go with the flow.




At the Southwest School of Art, yesterday, we saw some acrylic paintings that looked like quilts.
They were like nine patch quilts, except it looked like some of the square patches were in the background.
It was as if there was an overlay of square patches that were solid colors over a background of patches that made a picture.
Maybe overlay gives the wrong impression, because you could see the different squares.
It’s just that the solid colored squares looked like they were in front of the picture squares in the background.

I don’t know if I explained this clearly enough, but I was wondering if anyone knew if this technique is possible in quilting.


This QAL has been so much fun.
I chose a red, green, and gold for my palette…reminds me of my childhood traditional Christmas.
Block 7, the Poinsettia, was easy to complete.
I say easy, even though I had a few rips and re-do’s.

I almost chose not to do Block 8, designed by AliceSamuelQuiltCompany.
The two gift block design is beautiful, and the directions were specific and informational.
I just thought it would be too difficult.
But then, I remembered I joined this QAL to challenge myself and learn new things.
So, I put on my big girl pants and gave it a go.
The two gifts remind me of what my mother would say she wanted for Christmas…just Peace, Harmony, and maybe a lipstick.
These are her gifts, minus the lipstick.
After a few rip and re-do’s, the ribbon piece is still a bit off on both of the gifts, but it will have to do.
There are just so many rips and re-do’s allowed in one day.

I also redid Block 6, the angel.
I chose to make an angel different from the one in the pattern.
Originally, I had framed the angel in white, and it just washed out.
So, I chose a green fabric for the frame.

I placed all eight blocks on my design wall.

Wednesday Walk

An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.
Henry David Thoreau

My friends and I started our walking group today.
We were scheduled to begin last week, but we were rained out.
Today was just a gorgeous day for a walk through part of the downtown area.
My childhood home was a bit south of downtown San Antonio.
My elementary and high school years were in downtown schools.
Today’s walk brought back so many memories of my childhood in downtown San Antonio.
Our group started off at the Pearl Brewery.
The parents of one of my childhood friend worked at the Pearl when it was a brewery.
Now, the buildings and area house retail stores, eateries, and the Culinary Institute of America.
We traveled down the river walk to the Southwest School of Art.
This was once a convent and academy for girls, founded in 1851.

This is one of the courtyards.

This is the Fountain of Peace. It gave me some ideas for a project.

I have taken art courses at this center, and today, we went to visit a friend who is taking a weaving class at the center.
She introduced us to other weavers and we were able to see their beautiful work.
Our friend has just begun a project. I love the way she works…no plan.
She chooses the yarn and creates as she goes.

Her thread design board is sitting on the window.

We confirmed her choice of thread to add to the weave she has in progress.

This  school of fish suspended beneath the interstate overpass, is the work of artist, Donald Lipski.

This is one of the water fountains near the brewery, but I did not catch the name or the artist.

Throughout the morning walk, I kept pointing out things that I thought would be a great quilt.
My friends were kind enough to put up with me.

This early morning walk was truly a blessing for the whole day.
I visited the Mesquite Bean Fabric Shop on my way home.
Yes, I bought some fabric.
I had to use my 20% discount.
I needed a bit more fabric for my I Wish You a Merry  QAL.
Block 8 has two gift boxes.
At first, I thought this block was too difficult, and I was going to make a different type of gift block.
But then, I decided to take the challenge.
One of the reasons I chose to do the QAL was to learn new things.
This is as far as I have gotten.
It entailed about three rip and redos, and the seams for the ribbon piece are still a bit off.
I am letting it sit for awhile, before I get back to it.
Ribbons on gift boxes aren’t perfect…right?