10 Minute Table Runner

The Village Quilting Shop in Bentonville, Arkansas, had samples of 10 Minute Table Runners in their Seasonal Room. Lori, the store proprietor, was very helpful in showing my friends and I how to make these. We bought fabric and made plans to meet for a Sewing Day.
When I was at A Sewing Basket in Salado, Texas, I was given a copy of directions for the 10 Minute Table Runner by LaRue Bunnell Clark.
This seemed easy enough, but I still looked up tutorials on YouTube.
So, today, I thought I would spend 10 minutes and make place mats as I saw on some of the videos.
After working for two hours in the morning, and two hours this afternoon, I finally finished a set of 4, “10 Minute” place mats. 

Boy, do I feel like a dummy.
I still plan to make a runner, so maybe the next time, it will only take 10 minutes.

Set of 4
I think I might buy more of this fabric to make a Set of 6.
It takes 1/2 yard for the backing, and 1/3 yard for the center to make one table runner or two place mats.
Note: I often view YouTube videos by Jean Truelove.
She is very talented and creative.
Her videos are fun.
The one I watched today had a sad note.
Jean mentioned at the end of the video, that she had received a not-so-nice comment on her YouTube video.
To think that someone would take the time to be mean and negative to a person who is offering ideas and information on how to create, is something that really bothers me.
Life is too short to be negative.
And it is never acceptable to be mean to others.
I just felt I needed to say this.



When I was teaching, I used to make simple quilt wall hangings with my students. Sometimes it would be an “About Me” theme where they would draw a self-portrait on muslin. I also made book wall hangings where they wrote the title and draw a book cover for their favorite book.We used fabric markers.

The markers I used were labeled as fabric markers, but I was never quite happy with the result.

What are the best markers to use for writing on fabric used in making a quilt? I am looking for something that has a fine point and doesn’t bleed.

I would appreciate any input.

Special Day

“The language of friendship is not words but meanings.” 

Henry David Thoreau

Thirty-two of my forty-two years of teaching was at my neighborhood school. I worked with many fine educators, and now I am able to spend time with three of my favorite people. There is another teacher with whom I had the pleasure of teaming teaching. Jeanne was the perfect teaching partner. We had the same teaching style and we had so much fun together. She retired before I did, and moved away from San Antonio. We kept in touch with letters, texts, and phone; but we only visited each other on occasion. Today was one of the occasions, and it was as if we just saw each other yesterday. We picked up from where we left off.

We spent the day in Salado, Texas, another quaint Texas town.


Of course, we stopped at A Sewing Basket on Main Street. The people at the shop were super nice and helpful. I have yet to have a negative experience in a quilt shop. The Fabric Fairies guided me to the seasonal fabric.

I puchased some Christmas fabric for a table runner.


It was a special day with a special friend.


Feels Like Christmas

Today, the postman delivered two packages for me.
One contained the little purse made by Tierney, of Tierney Creates.
I was lucky enough to win one of her give-aways.
It just so happens that purple is my favorite color.
Thank you, Tierney!

The other package was a gift from my friend, Nancy.
It was a Seasons Placemat Kit from Connecting Threads.
Look at these gorgeous fabrics.

Thank you, Nancy!
It certainly felt like Christmas today.
So, I made Christmas burrito pillowcases for my grandchildren.

The material was purchased last week at the Village Quilting in Bentonville, Arkansas.
Last Thursday, my friends dropped me off at the store and I got lost in the fabric.
There was a room of seasonal fabric.
My friends were looking for a Christmas project, and I found the perfect one for us to do…
the 10 minute table runner. The store had some sample table runners.

When my friends returned to the shop, Lori, the store proprietor, proceeded to be so super helpful.
She demonstrated how to make the table runner.
Lori spent so much time with us.
I also purchased some polka-dot fabric for an unknown project. I just like polka-dots.

This is the pillowcase I made for my granddaughter.

These are for my grandson. He has a small pillow.
Lots of projects on the table!

Good Times




Crystal Bridges Museum
Mission Statement:

The mission of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art is to welcome all to celebrate the American spirit in a setting that unites the power of art with the beauty of nature.

Throughout my visit to the museum, I was in awe of the design, color, patterns, texture, art, nature, and architecture that surrounded me.
My friends tolerated me shouting, “This would make a great design for a quilt!”; and also,”Look at those beautiful colors and patterns…perfect for a quilt!”.

We decided to travel to Arkansas on country roads, instead of the interstate highway.
We were able to enjoy the country side, visit town squares, and eat dessert at off the road cafes.
Now, we made a pact to not eat any more dessert until Thanksgiving. 

As “historian” for this group, I made a video of our trip.
Enjoy the beautiful images, and, PLEASE, ignore the silly ones!

Home Again, Home Again…

…Jiggety, Jig!
We arrived back in San Antonio in the afternoon.
What a great trip!
My friends have assigned me the roles of group comic and historian.
So, I will be creating a video for them later this afternoon.
We are meeting for coffee today, to plan our next adventure.

Throughout the trip, I kept thinking that I needed to get Block #10 done!
I just finished it this afternoon.
The fabric I chose for the background blends in too much with the lantern.
Instead of redoing the whole block, I added a red border.
I needed more red to balance the layout of the other blocks.
I need to figure a way to outline the lantern in order to make it stand out.
Any suggestions are appreciated.
My plan is to add buttons for the holly after the quilting.

Almost Home


This is are “Farewll to Bentonville” photo. This little yellow house made our week so comfortable and enjoyable.

One of the perks of traveling is meeting new people and finding interesting places.

We stopped in McAlester, Oklahoma for lunch, where we found the cutest little restaurant. Lucy’s Two is owned by two sisters. The food was delicious, the homemade desserts were beyond fantastic, and the two sisters were very friendly.

They had this really cool sign posted on the wall.


Three hundred more miles to go home.

We are still running on high energy and we are still friends. But, I have been barred from singing in the car😜.