Vacation, Design, Decisions

After a great time with my son and daughter-in-law, I have spent a day trying to catch up on some sleep.
I was too busy having fun to rest and sleep while I was in Mckinney.
Thursday was my first day back.
I totally crashed.
Although, last night, I did manage to finish the sundress that my daughter-in-law and I started.
Now, it is time to finalize my plan for the Quilt of Valor.

When I visited the Quilting is Happiness shop in Mckinney, I saw this big star block quilt hanging on the wall. I thought it would be a perfect center for a QOV.
The shop had a large diamond ruler to use in making this block, but I did not want to pay $55.
It would be a good tool to have, but how many times would I actually use this?

I realized that the same block can be made using large squares and half-square triangles.
So, I drew a plan that I think I might use.
The star blocks would be 12 inches, resulting in a 48″ x 48″ center.
The star block quilt at the shop was a bit larger, but I think 12″ blocks would be large enough.
I would add a 1″ sash around the center.
But, that’s as far as I got with this design.
I still have to figure out how to add enough co-coordinating border to meet the
55″ x 65″ minimum standard.

In my stash, there are pieces of red and blue fabrics that can be used.
I also have been purchasing fat quarters with a patriotic theme.

It would be so much easier, and more economical,  if I chose a pattern first, then purchased fabric.
But, this is another one of my plan-as-I go quilt designs.
I am still undecided as to what design I will use.

These were my original design.
For my plane trip, I had bought some quilting magazines that showcased patriotic quilts.
I got some ideas for borders from these magazines.

I think my favorite part of quilting is creating the design.
The difficult part is in deciding which design to use.

I like design, I like details, to me it is just another form of self-expression.
John Malkovich

My plan is to make my decision by Sunday.
Wish me luck!

Terrific Tuesday

IMG_1094Today was another great day in Mckinney! My daughter-in-law and I viewed videos from Crafty Gemini and Missouri Star Company. It was so enjoyable to have someone else appreciate watching tutorials and sharing ideas.

I cut the fabric for my sun dress so I could ask my daughter-in-law for help if I needed it. She is an excellent seamstress.

We visited my son at work and ended up at Starbucks.

Terrific Tuesday!



Marvelous Monday


I am blessed with three wonderful daughter-in-laws and today I had a great day fabric shopping with one of them. We revisited the quilting shop and then headed toward JoAnn’s. We were looking for fabric she could use to make more surgical caps. These are some of the cute caps she has already made.

I bought two more fat quarters with patriotic designs. I also bought two summer dress patterns that I hope I can make. It’s been years since I have made any clothes for myself, so this will be a challenge.


We ended this fun afternoon with a visit to a local frozen yogurt shop.


Great day!

Mckinney, Texas

This is my first day in Mckinney, and I’ve already visited the Quilting is Happiness quilt shop. There was a Sue Spargo class in session and the ladies had some beautiful embroidered products. I found some fat quarters that would be good in a Quilt of Valor design. Downtown Old Mckinney was pretty bustling and busy.

There was this button covered frog in front of the quilt shop. I need to make one for my front porch!


Quilt of Valor

Last week, I went to Pattern Jam to try out some designs for the QOV.
I used fabric photos from the collection on Pattern Jam just to give me an idea of a color scheme.
First Design

This afternoon, I spent some time looking at different Quilt of Valor designs.
On Pinterest, I found a pattern for a 5 point star that I thought was pretty cool.
American Quilting has a great tutorial on how to Stack, Cut, and Sew Stars.

I thought I might use these stars for the QOV, but then I pulled out the
Lucinda Ganderton book, Block a Day.
I am a little more comfortable working with the 12″ blocks.
The star is appliqued onto an 8″ block, and I know I can make that into a 12″ block.
But, I just couldn’t come up with a design using the star blocks.
I still plan to try my hand at the stack and cut stars, but not for this project.

The blocks I chose from Ganderton’s book include: Mississippi Spin, Spinning Heart, Variable Star, Pennant, and Friendship Star.
Second Design

I originally planned a quilt with three rows, sashes, and two borders.
But, the QOV site suggests that an ideal size for a quilt would be 60″ x 80″.
This design did not meet the minimum size required, which is 55″x 65″.
Third Design

This is my second plan.
As I posted this plan, I realized that I will need to turn some of the blocks to keep it symmetrical.
I will be in Dallas this weekend, and I plan to shop for fabric.
The patriotic fabric is out now.
I have seen some at JoAnn’s and Wal-Mart.
I would like to have some of the red and blue with a sprinkle of gold.
Then, I can use a gold for the sash.
The pennant block would look good with a star fabric and a stripe fabric.
I’m thinking that the heart might be gold, if I can find one that compliments the red, white, and blue.
Maybe a white on white, and a white with gold might work.
I’m still not sure this is the design I will use.
I will be visiting one of my daughter-in-laws and I plan to ask for her ideas.

Brackenridge Park Quilt Project: May 16, 2017

My friends and I had quite a day yesterday.
Our goal was to get the photos of the park printed on fabric printing paper.
We went to the Conservancy to get the photos from them and use the printer in the office.
Big oops!
We had Ink Jet photo fabric and the office had a Laser printer!
We ended up using my friend’s printer.
Next step: Applique

Busy Thursday and Friday

Thursday night, I attended my second guild meeting with the Alamo Heritage Quilt Guild.
It is a large group of friendly and welcoming people.
Kathy Smith presented a trunk of beautiful, machine embroidered quilts.
I also connected with Barbara Steers, who works with the Quilt of Valor group.
The Quilt of Valor first came to my attention by Abbie.
Check out Abbie’s blog.
She has great ideas.
After discussing dates with Barbara, I realized that I would not be able to attend any of the group sessions.
So, I will be making the quilt on my own, and Barbara will long arm quilt.
I can’t wait to get started.
In the meantime, I found some fabric in my boxes and decided I needed a granny bag.

Floral Fabric


Inside pocket (both sides)

I printed photos of my two youngest grandchildren and pieced them on the front pocket.

Brackenridge Park Quilt Day 3

I am so happy to report that my friends and I finished piecing the top of the Brackenridge Quilt.
We worked from 9:30-4:30, taking an hour break for lunch.
After a first few minutes of too many cooks in the kitchen, we got the team work rolling.
Next week, we will meet to choose the photos of the park that we plan to use on the quilt.
We are still looking and thinking of ways to applique the photos.
I love “working” with these three ladies!

Quilted Tote

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.
Art is knowing which ones to keep.
Scott Adams

This morning has been an off morning for me.
I thought sewing would get me back on track.

I have made quite a few totes, so I thought I would use some of the last remnants
from my dad’s shirts to make a tote.
There was not enough shirt fabric to make a lining, so I found a blue fabric in my stash.
I was able to piece a front and back, making blocks with and without the shirt pockets.

My first mistake was in placing the pocket squares too close to the top.
I did not leave enough of a margin, so the seam is too close to the pocket.
The pockets are still functional, but it would look better if there were more of a margin.

Then, I was off in matching the seams when I sewed the lining to the tote shell.
To add to the lists of mistakes, I did not catch all of the fabric when sewing the side seams.
I ripped and redid.
I also did some creative patching…not pretty, but it works.

I had planned to gift this tote, but I think I will keep this one.
This is the last of the shirt fabric.
I was able to make a quilt, a small tote, and this large tote out of my dad’s plaid shirts.

This project did get me back on track for the day.
I’ll just look at my mistakes as opportunities to problem solve and improve.

The top row has three functional shirt pockets.
The second row has one functional shirt pocket in the center.

There is one functional shirt pocket on the right side on the back of the tote.

One large shirt pocket was used to make an inside pocket.