Brackenridge Park Quilt Project: May 16, 2017

My friends and I had quite a day yesterday.
Our goal was to get the photos of the park printed on fabric printing paper.
We went to the Conservancy to get the photos from them and use the printer in the office.
Big oops!
We had Ink Jet photo fabric and the office had a Laser printer!
We ended up using my friend’s printer.
Next step: Applique


Ready, Set, Go! Space Quilt #2

Since I have already made my granddaughter two quilts, I was not sure if she wanted another.
One was a ballerina quilt; the other had birds in a tree.
These were small lap quilts,and they were the second and third quilts I had ever made.

Since I had not used the second space panel for my grandson’s quilt, I thought I could use it in a quilt for my granddaughter, another space enthusiast. I asked my son if my granddaughter would like a space quilt. Her room has recently been decorated with solar system decals and stars.

My son’s response was that she loves anything her grandmother makes and she is probably expecting one for Christmas.
The rush is on!

This morning, I found this great free pattern from eQuilter . It was designed by Wendy Sheppard, courtesy of Benartex. This pattern included the exact Out of this World panel I already have, so it was perfect.
I have ordered from eQuilter before and I have always been satisfied with the fabric.
I called to see about how to order just the pieces I needed, and I was informed it could take about 6 business days for it to get here.
This would be too late, so I went to Las Colchas and JoAnn’s and found what I needed.
Joan and Shawn were great in helping me figure out the fabric I needed.

The pattern gives great directions with a list of materials needed. I made some adjustments to make it special for my granddaughter. I know she likes purple, so I had to include it. I also decided to use one cream fabric instead of the two that were in the pattern. This will just keep it simple for me.


Quilting Friends

After going to the gym with my husband, I made my way to my all time favorite quilt shop, Las Colchas.
Cindy and Vicky are two of the best people around.
I consider them to be experts and I value their advice.
They always remind me that they are still learning.
They love to share what they already know.

Cindy helped me with my very first quilt.
Vicky has helped me with two other quilts I have made.

Right now, I am in the middle of finishing turkey mug rugs.
But as soon as I finish, I plan to begin the solar system quilt.

So, I went to consult with my expert friends, Cindy and Vicky.
Best thing I could have done!

Last week, I purchased some solar system fabric

This solar system panel by Fields Fabrics is for the front.
This earth view shot by Fabric by the Yard is the back panel. I have blue celestial fabric to add to each side of this back panel.

This is basically the design.
I have it more in my head than on paper, so I plan to firm up the plans before my 66 year old brain forgets the details we discussed.
There will be 18 star block quilts on the top side of the quilt.
These beautiful fabrics will be used to make the 6.5″ strips for framing the panels.

The three of us had a blast pulling out fabrics and visualizing the quilt.
They also showed me how to add a piece to a strip by making a diagonal seam.
They also demonstrated how to make a 2 triangle square in a more efficient manner.

I hope to be finished with the turkey rug mugs tomorrow.
Then, I will spend time cleaning and preparing my room before I start on the quilt.

Vicky and Cindy said they would be a phone call away if I need them.
I can’t miss with friends like these.

Day of Grace

In was on one of my first visits to Las Colchas that  I noticed some beautiful, bird print fabric.
One was white, with colorful birds.
The other was black, with colorful birds.
At that time, I knew I wanted the fabric, but since I was just working on my first quilt,
I did not buy the fabric.
In January, Cindy, from Las Colchas, had created a quilt kit based on a pattern,
Story Time, by The Cottage at Cardiff Farms .
Instead of the country home colored fabric shown in the pattern, Cindy used bright, vivid colors and different designs. Cindy included both the white and black bird fabric that I had been wanting for so long.
Something about the color and design just lifted my spirits.
The quilt had a cheerful and reflective effect on me.
Cindy shared that she always carries a quilt in her car.
She has it ready for  “grandma” time or just “me” time.
I loved this idea, so I made this quilt for me.

I just finished binding the quilt today.
Jeana did another great job bringing my quilt to life.

810 This is the kit I purchased from Las Colchas.
storyquilt The quilt center is made with a rail fence and 16 patch block.
storyback Back
The quilted reminded me of something my doctor once told me…
Look at each day as a day of grace.
Start Date: January 8, 2016
Piecing Completed: January 11, 2016
Acquired/Improved Skills: Rail fence, cutting the length of fabric (LOF),
accuracy in measuring and cutting, matching corners, borders

I used remnants from this quilt to make a tote/storage bag.
Have tote ~ Granny Will Travel



My First Log Cabin Quilt

austinco My sister and I attended the quilt convention in Austin, 2015.
At this time, I had no sewing machine.
But I knew I wanted to learn how to quilt.
With my sister’s support and urging, I walked out of the convention with more than I needed to start my first quilt.

One of my purchases was a fabric panel designed with animals.
My original plan was to make a simple nine square quilt, since that is all I knew.
I decided to visit a quilt shop owned by a friend, Francine Pons.
Oh, what an INSPIRING shop!
Las Colchas is filled with gorgeous, unique fabric.
The people there are so helpful and creative.
Cindy, one of the quilters who works there, instructed me on the basics of quilting.
She encouraged me to try the Log Cabin quilt pattern.
It is Cindy who taught me about choosing fabric. She gave me the confidence to choose
different colors and types of fabrics.

Every quilt tells a story, so this first quilt tells the story of our family’s jubilation over the birth of our grandson, Judah. The name of the quilt is Judah’s Jamboree.
I illustrated and wrote the story of the quilt.

Acquired/Improved Skills: Log Cabin quilting, accuracy of measurement and cutting, element of color and design in fabric choices, measuring for the amount of fabric needed for backing, the importance of pressing seams
* I later learned the importance of having no more than a 2.5 inch space not quilted

Acquired/Improved Skills: April 12, 2015
Piecing Completed: May 15, 2015
Presented: July, 2015