The original meaning of the word  “purse ” was, “a bag to hold your prize”.
As a very young girl, I loved carrying purses.
I carried one everywhere I went.
I once carried a pouch with a canteen to church, to the dismay of my older sister.

My mother had a collection of classy purses.
Mom changed her purse to coordinate with every outfit.
It was my job to transfer my mom’s “prizes” into to her purse every night.
I LOVED this job!

When I was teaching, I would have purses or tote bags to match the seasons or the topics I was teaching.
My students would look at my purses and guess at our next unit of study.

I never made my own purses.
One of my daughter-in-laws made me some great purses.
My sister painted some tote bags for me.
Once, my mom beaded an apple-themed purse for the beginning of school.

About two years ago, I started making my own purses and totes.
They are so much fun to make.

Last year, on an outing with my granddaughter and my friend Nancy, my granddaughter chose a pattern for a “Potato Chip” bag.
We found this pattern, by Paula Higgins, at A Quilters Folly in South Austin.

I used Rainbow Pony fabric to make the purse for my granddaughter.
The contents of my six-year-old granddaughter’s purse makes me smile.
So many “prizes”!
One never knows when one will need a slinky…right?

Since I had enough puppy fabric leftover, I made my granddaughter another purse with this pattern.
Every one needs a new purse for back-to-school!
This Potato Chip Bag has two outside and two inside pockets.

Now, I need to get to the serious business of binding the Wild About Texas quilt.
I am trying to improve my slip-stitch.
Any advice is welcomed.

Better Attitude…Better Day

After yesterday’s frustrating quilting experience, I spent the night readjusting my attitude.
Today was so much better.
I am still not happy with the seams, but I am doing the best I can.
This project is giving me so many opportunities to learn and improve.
I may have committed a quilting no-no on the bird blocks.

The blocks were not measuring 12.5 inches.
The pattern of the block is too difficult to rip and start over.
So, I added a strip of musical note fabric all around to measure 12.5  inches.
It may take away from the presentation, but it may also enhance it.
Since it is my quilt, I will say it enhances it. 😉

All the tutorials on sashing say to add the vertical sashes first, then add the horizontal rows.
I needed to see how it looked, so I went ahead and completed three rows.
I am so glad I did.
Once I saw it hanging, I forgot the trouble I am having with the seams, and felt good about what I saw.

I decided to make the 9-patch square corners, and I am happy with the result.
Jenny Sloan, from Missouri Quilt Star Co. says it is quick and easy. 😦
Maybe, one day, it will be.
Tomorrow, I plan to take the day off and celebrate Valentine’s Day.
On Wednesday, after my luncheon with my cousins, I will work on the 9-patch squares.
Maybe, I will be able to finish the vertically sashes for the last four rows.

My friend, Nancy Reynolds sent me these photos of some lamps that she and her husband, Richard, are making.
Richard is a master photographer who captures the beauty of Texas.
Nancy is just so creative and makes so many beautiful things.
20170213_160911512_ios 20170213_160948250_ios 20170213_161057903_ios
These lamps and some photo pillows may be featured at the West Austin Studio Tour in May.
I will keep you posted.