So Worth It


Binding is still not my favorite thing to do, but it is done.
The inspiration for the Wild About Texas quilt came from looking at wildflower photographs taken by Richard Reynolds.
I told my friend, Nancy Reynolds, that I wanted to make a quilt to showcase these photographs.
Nancy steered me to the Moda Wildflower viii fabric collection.
Richard printed out the photos for me.
Thank you, Richard and Nancy.

I started this Wild About Texas Quilt on April 1.
I finished piecing the quilt on April 3.
My friend, Jeana Kubik and I consulted designs for the long arm.
Jeana did a beautiful job.
Thank you, Jeana.
She encouraged me to include this quilt as one of three entries in the Greater San Antonio Guild Quilt Show.
Finishing a project is such a good feeling.
It was so worth taking the time to do  it slowly, instead of rushing through it.

After I finished working on the quilt, I accompanied my husband to Wal-Mart. As we entered the store, he told me he would meet me in the fabric area when he found what he needed. I guess he knows me well.
I found some more fabric for the #iwishyouamerryquiltalong.

I also saw this bundle that put me in a fall state-of-mind. I thought I could use it to make a fall tote or something.

The other day, when I was with my sister, she reminded me that I had promised her a mug rug.
She reminded me that she wanted polka-dot.
Black and white polka-dot, to be exact.
So, I saw these and added them to my basket.

These fabric purchases are my reward for finishing the binding. 

Quilt Labels

I need a quilt label for my Wild About Texas quilt that will be in the Greater San Antonio Quilt Guild show in September.
This will be the first time I enter  a quilt show, and I question what ever made me think I should enter a show.
My friend, Jeana, was the first to encourage me to do so.
I am trying to decide what to do with the label.
On my earlier quilts, I made large labels.
I am now making smaller labels, but I am still not happy with the results.

This is what I have so far, embroidered on a large square.
However, I could not find any regulations on the quilt guild site for the dimensions on labels.
I have a call into Jeana, to see what she recommends.
In the meantime, I played around with making an applique of the state of Texas.

The embroidered part would fit in the center.

The back is fusibile, so I would just iron and slip-stitch.
It measures 6″L X 7″W.
When I researched quilt labels, I found all kinds of sizes.
I’ll just wait to see what Jeana has to say.

This is the center of the quilt:

The wildflowers are photographs by Richard Reynolds.